Operating systems can become very slow over time as various different downloads, plugins and programmes clog up your device.

  • Start up :  Start up programmes that have been installed, over time, lengthening the boot process.
  • Explorer plug-ins, Services: These applications add shortcuts on windows context menus, which can make right clicking take a while or have services run behind the scenes, that can slow down your pc/laptop.
  • Full Security: Full security suites can be very heavy which can use lots of resources, as opposed to antivirus software.
  • PC Cleaning Tools: Mainly have the opposite effect, they can run in the background when attached to a start up program.
  • Browser Toolbars: Authorized browser extensions can slow down your browsing enough, but junk add-ons can bring surfing the net to a standstill.

Enter IT can offer to carry out a full system restore/reload which includes:

Formatting your hard disc drive, normally (C:) to erase everything. *note* please make sure anything that you need is backed up first!

  • Installation of the windows operating system from recovery partition or discs.
  • Installing all windows drivers and windows updates needed to support the pc hardware set-up.
  • Installation of any pre-installed programmes/apps.
  • Prices from £40.00 please enquire on our local number 01642 297401. “Simple Solutions for a Modern World”