A lot of issues with slow laptops can often be sorted with a little planning and make a massive difference to your daily routine saving you time and money.
We all lead busy lives and tend to put things off until it is too late. Your data and the ability to access it without waiting forever for the laptop/pc to start up is a daily frustration of many, especially if you have the older type hard drive as opposed to the newer, faster, lighter and less energy demanding SSD drives.
Yes the latter may be a bit cheaper and have a bit more storage but with so many online back up options now with cloud storage and generally free up to a certain amount, is it really worth the advantage you gain with a new SSD drive and a fresh install of the operating system?
SSD’s are flash storage and have no moving parts as opposed to the older HDD’s which are made up of magnetic tape and mechanical parts, they are much larger and a lot slower to read and write data.
So before you get frustrated and want to throw that slow laptop in the bin have a chat with us and see what options work best for you. 🙂

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