Computer Build RedcarThe big day is fast approaching folks, have you ordered a new computer to treat yourself or just want a memory upgrade? A lucky few this week have opted for a gaming pc for the high end gamers in the family and some just want a base model to replace an old, out of date pc.

Whatever you chose to do rest assured here at Enter IT we only recommend what you need NOT what makes us the most money. Honesty is best practiced at the start of meeting a new customer, we won’t try and confuse you with techy speak, we will guide you to what we think is viable for any given budget. Always try and plan for the next 2-3 years when buying a new computer/laptop. Speak with one of our technicians or drop by our workshop and see for yourselves.

Email or call us on 07460720448. Merry Christmas one and all, best wishes from everyone here at Enter IT, your local computer & laptop repair specialists