eset5With over 17 years working with in the PC and laptop industry it still amazes Enter IT that vital personal and work data does not get backed up. Many times clients have simply forgotten to backup their vital data.

We strongly advise that you take at least 3 backups of your vital data, one being via an online back up service for a swift recovery, one stored on your local pc/server, and finally one on a removeable device/drive/usb pen.

Clients of Enter IT can rest assured that data vital to them is backed up for them, with one or all of the solutions above. Call us and see how we can help you. 01642 297401  “Simple Solutions for a Modern World”

Both commercial and private clients benefit from our data backup service. In an age were we store thousands of much loved images and sensitive commercial data on all sorts of devices backing up data is as crucial as ever to preserve those special memories or data.

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