As the proud owner of Enter IT I take ownership of all aspects that go with running your own business from the initial contact from the client to the completed project.

I believe the passion to go that extra mile ensures that Enter IT stand out amongst competitors, and to ensure that all work carried out in our workshop is 100% correct, first time. During the 17 years I have spent in this industry I have witnessed a large amount of companies throw away essential revenue on huge marketing campaigns, or on new cars while their IT infrastructure is old, inefficient and running old software. Putting some thoughts into actually planning the next few years, updating your hardware, phasing in new software, not at the last moment and pulling your hair out when nothing works.

Proud of our Redcar roots we actively promote our home town and are building strong local links within the commercial world. This means that Enter IT can always suggest local people to help with other tasks you may need carried out. You will find that I always ensure all clients are satisfied and have enjoyed complete transparency whilst benefiting from our services. “Simple Solutions for a Modern World”

Call us today for anything IT related, you will find us to be approachable and affordable, I look forward to your call. 01642 297401