PC Healthchecks

Your PC, laptop and various hand held devices need some tender loving care from time to time. With over 15 years experience Enter IT can give them a healthcheck and ensure they run like new in no time.

With in the PC healthcheck service we will identify unwanted data that maybe cluttering your device. This will ultimately ensure your machine runs faster with a greater performance level.

Your device will be fully updated, any temporary or internet files stored will be cleared, malware and virus scans ran and removed, de-fragged, a full check over carried out. Once the Enter IT checklist has been completed we may make recommendations such as more memory or an upgrade to a faster more reliable SSD drive etc. Prices start from £30.00  please enquire on our LOCAL number below. “Simple Solutions for a Modern World”

T: 01642 687877

M: 07460720448

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